German Corolla lover seeks...

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German Corolla lover seeks...

Bericht door JürgenBLN » do aug 31, 2017 15:19

Hi guys and ladies,
I live in Berlin, Germany and I´m looking "again" for my first wonderful corolla, a 1.6 Si type E9 hatchback...or the GTI-modell hatchback.
If there is someone who could basicly help, I would sooo thankful...

Best regards


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Re: German Corolla lover seeks...

Bericht door pampie » za sep 02, 2017 09:02

Have you tried this dutch website?

You can see the cars from every Dutch trading site here.
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Re: German Corolla lover seeks...

Bericht door Iwan » ma sep 04, 2017 13:06

On facebook i saw a black si that was for sale in Germany. I think between the dutch Toyota parts for sale.

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Re: German Corolla lover seeks...

Bericht door MzKzM » ma dec 18, 2017 17:36

Not too many GTi's in the Netherlands left I'm afraid. Some of us do have plenty of parts though :D
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